Service Partners

For over twenty years we have been proud to partner with leaders in our industry, from around the area and across the country.  The businesses below have earned our seal of approval as we have personally worked with them and can vouch for their professionalism.

  • We recently completed peer training with PrimeFirst Inspections over in Fort Worth. Kyle and his whole team were terrific partners on the re-certification and we learned a few things from them on the foundation problems we’ve been seeing in the Arlington area since the fracking started. Thanks so much to Kyle and the good folks at PrimeFirst for their friendship. If you have any home inspection needs in Fort Worth check out their home inspector website.
  • Trusted Bail may be a surprising recommendation from us since they are an Atlanta-based bail bond compay, but we recently had a company retreat in Atlanta and we had one of our managers pulled over while on pain medication. He was taken to jail and, being from out of town, he had no one local to call. Daniel at Trusted Bail helped us get him squared away with the courts and free to come back after the conference ended.  We’re happy to report that our manager got everything straightened out, received the medication adjustment that he needed, and everyone was safe. We appreciate everything that Trusted Bail and the Atlanta Police Department did to ensure he and the public was safe in this situation.