Jerry’s Residential Inspection is a process made up of three essential components:

1. The Request

An inspection should be requested prior to the signing of any contract. However, you can sign a contract with a clause stating:

CONTINGENT UPON THE ACCEPTANCE OF A HOME INSPECTION. Talk with your realtor regarding these details.

You will receive your Home Inspection Service report ON THE SPOT at the conclusion of the Inspection, guaranteed! We encourage our clients to attend the inspection and welcome any questions they may have.

2. The Inspection

During a Home Inspection, the home’s major components are rated and noted on the report as follows:

A=Acceptable: The component is performing its intended function, installation and condition is appropriate for its age and use.

LM=Lacks Maintenance: The component needs minor to moderate maintenance or repair to perform its intended function.

U=Unsatisfactory: The component is not adequately performing its intended function. Extensive repair may be required.

For example…
A ‘U’ rating indicates that a heat pump on the boiler isn’t performing its intended function. Consequently, the boiler was rated U=UNSATISFACTORY. In light of the faulty heat pump, the seller may be persuaded to fix the problem or lower the selling price of the home. Occasionally, the home receives a clean bill of health and the buyer gets peace of mind. Thus, at the conclusion of an inspection, you will understand the property’s strengths and weaknesses. This information will help support your purchasing decision.

3. The Report
You don’t have to be a structural engineer or architect to understand the Home Inspection Service report. We have examined the competitor’s reports and have created a bound, 18 page, user friendly, easy to understand report for our clients. easy to understand report for our clients.